Rural Wifi Broadband

Broadband is the name given to a high-speed Internet link that offers large transmission capacity. It is a fast link, generally “always-on” and efficient in sending data at a much faster pace than a basic dialup modem link. Broadband won’t tie up your phone line but rather allows you to use the internet and telephone simultaneously. Broadband can be access from a specialized line such as Cable or ISDN, or over the top of your phone line such as ADSL.

Low-band Internet access is typically running up to 56kbps utilizing a dial-up modem. Mid-band Net is an expression provided to dialup that runs at 64kbps or 128kbps. 


However, the Irish National Broadband plan has failed to connect rural Ireland to high-speed rural internet and this is where rural wifi steps in to fill the gap. 

The beauty of Rural Wifi is that you don’t need a fixed landline. Our customers can order pre-configured, easy to install routers and booster omnidirectional antennas that we developed, offering double the speeds and signal strength. We have customers who were getting 1MB with fixed-line and can now hook up their smart TV and Xbox without any problems.

With Rural Wifi broadband, you can swiftly download and install or stream music and also video. Several websites are developed especially for broadband individuals with extreme incorporated graphics, flash and video. One more prominent use of our service users is online pc gaming. Xbox and PS2 gaming consoles include broadband assistance, by registering for video gaming plans from your ISP you can play Xbox, as well as PS2 games, deal with other individuals online. On the internet PC video gaming has actually been around because the very early days of the web, now with faster internet services, there is less lag (slow-moving or jerky response from the computer system making it hard to play) and you are no more keeping an eye on the moment as you play, making it far more prominent. Numerous current games are launched requiring a web connection, without them you merely can not play.


With customers so keen on downloading and install songs and video most high-speed broadband suppliers have actually introduced a maximum restriction on the quantity you can download and install. This can be as low as 1 GB as much as 30 GB for power users, or unlimited for the extreme. Surpassing your ISP’s download cap will certainly result in you having a limitation connection for the remainder of the month or none in all. Visit our website and let us know how we can help.