Remember Your Wedding Day With Video

We all know how special your wedding day is, and it’s always going to be a day you’ll never forget. Alongside your own memories of the day, the stories your friends tell you and the still photographs you receive it’s sometimes never complete without video highlights of the day.

Wedding videos are changing the way we remember our big day, and today we’re going to be discussing ways a wedding video can benefit your wedding package, along with some tips on how to find a videographer for you wedding day. Video captures emotion; the overall atmosphere of the occasion and it also captures a visual representation of your amazing day. Don’t get me wrong, photographs are great to cherish and photography will always be a traditional way to capture special moments, but alongside video highlights it’s going to defiantly be a day you’ll never forget.

There’s some key things to remember when choosing the right videographer for your day.

1) Price – Take a look at the packages they offer. Don’t go for a production team which will provide photographs and video footage as you want the best of both worlds. If a company is good at one, it’s likely there going to lack on the other. Find a recommended photographer, and also go for a recommended videographer for your wedding day.

2) Quality – Take a look at portfolio work and decide whether the quality is up to your standard.

3) Distribution – How do they provide the video to you? Don’t get caught out by the cowboys who offer a cheap starting rate but then sting you when the video is complete. I’ve known them before! They’ll charge £100 deposit to video your day and when the video is all ready, looking amazing and ready to buy they charge close to thousands to release it to you… See how they distribute the video. Is it via DVD? YouTube? Facebook? Vimeo? All of these options? Distribution is really key.

4) Time – How much time are they going to spend at your wedding? Yes they’re creating highlights of your day but if they create a video of highlights from 2 hours of your special day it’s not going to represent your whole occasion. Make sure they’re there from preparation until the last person staggers out of the hall in the evening. These 4 tips are going to help you find the perfect videographer for your wedding video. There’s a huge list of benefits video provides to you, so make sure you capture the emotion, the atmosphere, the messages from your guests all in a moving, high definition video.

Weddings will always be traditional but the way we remember them won’t…